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Catalyst Development at CAT

Research field and key expertise

Our key expertise is in the triangle of catalyst development, reaction engineering and material development. In a proprietary approach, CAT Catalytic Center studies catalysis and acts as a catalyst between academia and industry.

Research at CAT Catalytic Center is focused on fundamental aspects of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis with emphasis on the following topics:

  • Synthesis of sustainable building blocks for polymers
  • CO2 utilization in polymer chemistry
  • Novel high performance materials
  • Synthesis of multifunctional molecules
  • Hydrogenation in amine synthesis

CO2 Insertion into Co(Salen)

Dream Production

Having initiated the success story behind Dream Production, CAT Catalytic Center has ever since been actively involved in promoting the utilization of CO2 as C1 building block in polymer syntheses.

Supported Metal Nanoparticles

Elements for Chlorine Production

Efficiency in Chlorine Production

Increased efficiency in chlorine production, a cooperation project targeted at understanding the science behind chlorine evolution in the gas phase and on electrode surfaces, was highly sucessfull in developing more energy efficient processes for the large scale production of chlorine, a widely used key intermediate in chemical industry.

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