CAT Catalytic Center Aachen

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CAT Catalytic Center is a place, where researchers from universities and industry come together to perform basic research in the area of catalysis. CAT Catalytic Center is funded by the two partners RWTH Aachen University and Covestro. This cooperative research organization provides participating researchers an ideal forum to generate ideas and discover new avenues of research into future applications.

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"Sustainability, i.e. new sustainable products and chemical processes, lies in the common interests of RWTH Aachen University and Covestro. That’s why at Covestro we are extremely happy to collaborate with this excellent and internationally recognized university through our joint project, the CAT Catalytic Center. To generate better and more sustainable materials we need a scientifically founded method of working whose results we can rapidly turn into industrial processes.

This partnership does precisely that, and highly successfully: we have already scaled up projects on the utilization of CO2 to industrial application. Our portfolio also includes further highly promising approaches."

Dr. Markus Steilemann
Member of the Management Board of Covestro AG
Head of the Business Unit Polyurethanes

Head of Innovation at Covestro

"The cooperation with Covestro allows us to intensify our expertise in catalysis and expand it as a main area of research."
Prof. Dr. Ernst Schmachtenberg
Rector of RWTH Aachen University