The CAT-People

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Sureshbabu Guduguntla

Telefon:+ 49 241 80 26 28590
Office: 38C 132

Research interests

  • Polyurethane based polymers
  • Development of new catalytic processes
  • Asymmetric homogeneous catalysis and synthesis
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Techniques: NMR, FTIR, Chiral GC, GC-MS, HPLC

Curriculum vitae and education

December 2016 - present
Postdoctoral Fellow in the CAT Catalytic Center at ITMC, RWTH-Aachen, Germany

February 2012- November 2016
Ph.D. Student at the University of Groningen, Netherlands with Prof. Ben L. Feringa (Nobel laureate in chemistry, 2016)

Area: Exploring Asymmetric Catalytic Transformations

July 2009 - May 2011
Master of Science in Chemistry at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India.

Master thesis with Prof. Rodney A. Fernandes

Area: Synthesis of axially chiral dimeric Fischer carbenes

March 2005- April 2008
Bachelor of Science at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India.

Selected publications

01) Enantioselective Synthesis of Di- and Tri-Arylated All-Carbon Quaternary Stereocenters via Copper-Catalyzed Allylic Arylations with Organolithium Compounds
Guduguntla, S.; Gualtierotti, J. -B.; Goh, S. S.; Feringa, B. L. ACS Catal. 2016, 6, 6591−6595

02) Chiral Diarylmethanes via Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Arylation with Organolithium Compounds
Guduguntla, S.; Hornillos, V.; Tessierand, R.; Fañanás-Mastral, M.; Feringa, B. L. Org. Lett. 2016, 18, 252−255

03) Synthesis of Optically Active β- or γ‑Alkyl-Substituted Alcohols through Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Alkylation with Organolithium Reagents

Guduguntla, S.; Fañanás-Mastral, M.; Feringa, B. L. J. Org. Chem. 2013, 78, 8274−8280

04) Desymmetrization of meso-Dibromocycloalkenes through Copper(I)- Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Substitution with Organolithium Reagents

Goh, S. S.; Guduguntla, S.; Kikuchi, T.; Lutz, M.; Otten, E.; Fujita, M.; Feringa, B. L. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 7052−7055

05) Stereospecific Ring Contraction of Bromocycloheptenes through Dyotropic Rearrangements via Nonclassical Carbocation−Anion Pairs

Goh, S. S.; Champagne, P. A.; Guduguntla, S.; Kikuchi, T.; Fujita, M.; Houk, K. N.; Feringa, B. L. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 4986−4990

06) Cu-catalyzed enantioselective allylic alkylation with organolithium reagents
Hornillos, V.; Guduguntla, S.; Fañanás-Mastral, M.; Pérez, M.; Bos, P. H.; Rudolph, A.; Harutyunyan, S. R.; Feringa, B. L. Nature protocols 2017, 12, 493−505