Our vision: Translating Science into Technology

Our vision

Contributing to the development of sustainable materials, CAT Catalytic Center has set its goal to take scientific knowledge to industrial application.

The mission to pursue intensive research on CO2 as polymer building block at CAT Catalytic Center was formulated by Thomas E. Müller in early 2008 and discussed in a lecture on occasion of the ACS spring meeting in New Orleans. Since then the topic has gained immense attention in the scientific community as well as industry.

Cooperation between university and industry

CAT Catalytic Center is dedicated to exploring fundamental aspects of catalysis. CAT Catalytic Center stands for interdisciplinarity, and accordingly natural scientists work with engineers to explore how molecular understanding can lead to process design. The close cooperation with materials scientists provides the basis for developments from molecule to product.

his cooperation is of great benefit to the new generation of scientists, as they are exposed at the CAT Catalytic Center to both academic and industrial research. Alumni of the CAT Catalytic Center score improved prospects on the job market.

CAT Catalytic Center offers young post-doctoral researchers excellent opportunities for development in an interdisciplinary setting. Available post-doc positions are advertised internationally and subject to competition among all applicants.