The core team at CAT Catalytic Center involves between 25 and 35 scientists. Additionally, numerous students are involved in the projects as part of their training. Qualified experts from Covestro Research join CAT Catalytic Center to be integrated not only in various research projects but also to be involved in teaching at RWTH Aachen University. In this way, fundamental chemistry research, industrial development and professional training are interconnected in terms of both subject matter and personnel.

A program management board composed of Dr. Veronica Grüntzig, Dr. Jens Langanke, Dr. Kai Laemmerhold, Prof. Dr. Marcel Liauw, Prof. Walter Leitner and  Dr. Christoph Gürtler  aligns the research activities of CAT Catalytic Center with the interests of the partners.

CAT Catalytic Center is member of the German Catalysis Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Katalyse, GeCatS)